Culinary Careers

Executive Chef

Is a Culinary Career Right for You?

Responsible for maintaining the food quality and organization of a professional kitchen or several kitchens in a large property. The executive chef is well-versed in all aspects of culinary preparation, the executive chef writes menus, purchases food, maintains food costs, hires, trains, and disciplines employees. 

Chef de Cuisine

Also known as a working chef, a chef de cuisine has duties similar to an executive chef in a smaller operation plus they may also work a station.

Kitchen Manager

Performs duties similar to a chef, this title is used in chain restaurants that have standardized menus and established management systems in place requiring less culinary expertise than an executive chef.

Sous Chef

The sous chef is second in command under the executive chef or chef de cuisine and assumes any or all of the duties in their absence.

Line Cook


Grill or broiler cooks, fry cooks, sauté cooks are all line cook positions. Duties will vary depending on the menu, the type of operation, and the division of labor.  

Garde Manger Cook

Also known as a pantry cook, this position includes the preparation of cold foods including salads, cold sauces, and cold appetizers

Prep Cook

Entry level position providing basic food preparation for line cooks.

Banquet Cook/Chef

Prepares foods for catered events in hotels and catering operations. The position may include menu planning, good production, and kitchen staff supervision.

Pastry Chef

Also known as a patissier, prepares a variety of sweet preparations including pastries and bread, cakes and tortes, dessert sauces, ice creams and sorbets, and pies and tarts. Pastry chefs are also responsible for the management and operation of their station.

Private Chef /Personal Chef

Private Chef /Personal Chef – An independent chef-for-hire that is employed by a single client or several clients. Responsibilities include planning menus and events, food purchasing, food preparation, and service.

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