Pan-Frying and Deep-Frying Proteins


Pan-frying is used for thicker cuts of meat or poultry including chops, steaks, and cutlets. The food is fried in ¼”/0.6 cm of oil or clarified butter at a temperature between 325-350°F/163-177°C.  The items are seasoned and fried without a coating. Alternately they can be dredged in flour or coated with a three-stage breading process.

Best Choice for Pan-Frying: Cutlets (veal, pork, turkey), chops (pork, veal), chicken cuts (breast)

Accompaniments: Pan sauces and gravies, classic small French brown or white sauces, béarnaise and hollandaise variations


Deep-fried foods are breaded or dipped in batter and submerged in hot fat or oil at a

temperature of 325-375°F/163-191°C. When the hot oil surrounds the food, it creates a crisp outer seal while moisture within the food repels the oil and prevents it from penetrating into the interior of the food. The intense heat of the oil steams the food from the inside out. Proper temperature is key because if the temperature is too low the food tastes greasy and if it is too hot the outside becomes overcooked before the inside is fully cooked.

Best Choice for Deep-Frying: Small tender cuts of meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish

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